Deep Is The Abyss

Ethan Cole seems to have it all. CEO of a major corporation in Seattle, money, a family and good home life. Or, so it seems. Beneath the façade, Ethan Cole is a very unhappy man. He hates his work, his marriage is on the rocks, and he has a drinking problem. A major drinking problem.

There was a time when Ethan was happy. Years prior, he was a bush pilot in Alaska, a profession he dearly loved. He felt fulfilled and rewarded. But, his better half couldn’t handle being the wife of a bush pilot, and she hated the isolation of Alaska.

So, he gave it up in favor of returning to Seattle and a corporate position in which he gradually rose to CEO. He loathes the lifestyle.

Rediscovering general aviation, he tries pulling himself out of the abyss. The abyss of an unhappy profession, unhappy marriage, and the clutches of alcohol. But, the abyss was deeper than he ever thought. Not in his wildest imagination.