A magnificent new novel from the author of THE GHOUL OF GRAYS HARBOR. The Connelly saga lives on.

Glenn Connelly- Half owner of the largest gyppo logging company on Grays Harbor along the rain drenched coast of Washington state. Being a libertarian, live and let live is Glenn’s motto. Until those that believe they have the right to tell others how to live complicate his life. From a government hell bent on over regulating the timber industry to radical idealists that spike trees, Connelly is hit every which way he turns. He longs for the old days, when life was simple. Then, all he had to worry about was staying alive. Life isn’t so simple these days. He falls for a woman that won’t rest until Glenn Connelly is utterly defeated.

Jacob Connelly- Brother to Glenn and the other half of the logging company. Intense and somewhere to the right of conservative, Jacob can’t tolerate the short comings of others. Especially brother Glenn’s. Jacob believes he can change the world to how it should be according to his point of view. Election to congress is his chosen path to changing the world. But first, he must get elected. If he can get out of his own way.

Maria Johannsen- An exotic beauty with a link to Glenn Connelly’s past. Her only goal in life is to see Glenn Connelly defeated. But, she failed to take into consideration Glenn himself. She never counted on falling in love with him.

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